Plateforme de vote avec authentification
par huissier de justice jusqu'à 5 000 inscrits

Coût minimim d'une plate-forme 1 000 € HT incluant 1 000 inscrits
puis 0,30c par inscrit supplémentaire
(hors tarif partenaire)

Scrutin de candidats
ou de résolutions

  • Jusqu'à 25 candidats
  • ou 25 résolutions

1000 € HT

Scrutin de listes
1 Conseil

  • Ex : un lycée, un collège
  • ou une école

1000 € HT

Scrutin de listes
2 Conseils

  • Ex : un lycée et une école
  • ou un lycée et un collège

1200 € HT


  • Au choix en Anglais ou Allemand ou Espagnol ou Italien ou Portugais

250 € HT

Assoconnect Special Prices

AssoConnect, the software of associations, has chosen to recommend to its customers the online voting solution proposed by Euro-Vote to educational and associative organizations.

The Euro-Vote solution eliminates time-consuming administrative tasks.
Euro-Vote never holds personal data of your members.
Voter interface 24/7 on all digital media.
Participation is therefore favored while reducing the carbon footprint of the vote.
The ease of implementation, expertise and responsive customer service of Euro-Vote ensure you a successful passage to online voting.
Free up time and resources for your association by voting online at a discounted rate.

Election clé-en-main
jusqu'à 5 000 inscrits

  • For a turn-key election including
    authentication by a Judicial Officer
    a dedicated voting platform
    1000 registered electors included then 0.25c per additional registered elector (instead of 0.30c) and up to 10 candidates / resolutions or a mix of both.

    For applications ''Out of package'', a specific estimate will be established.

990 € TTC

instead of 1 200€

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